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Soap Formula

A large online store where you can find various ingredients for homemade cosmetics. The guys asked us to do a complete rebranding and automate a number of processes related to online sales.


We created pretty and cozy-looking design and implemented several technically demanding decisions that include export and synchronization of product base with 1C. Also for this project we developed a unique module that calculates cost and delivery time, synchronizing with seven most popular transport companies in real time.


We proud of several more features that are unique in their kind: a recipe designer, an alkaline calculator, and a color mixer that helps to determine right proportions of dyes to achieve the desired color.

Online store
Tatyana Yakovleva/ Soap Formula CEO /
"The guys are not afraid of non-standard tasks, on the contrary, they love them and implement them to the smallest detail thoughtfully and with creativity. It seems there is nothing that they would not be able to) And they are decent and good people) We hope to continue to do new projects and develop old . "
Tatyana Yakovleva/ Soap Formula CEO /
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