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The project with unique design constituted of two main parts: an online store with its original technical features and the Temple, a community of beardsters that have their own ecosystem.


The online store has a system of accounting balances and enables its users to choose the method of delivery: interactive mode gives information on the best price and delivery terms depending on a country and region; the user may also choose between three currencies and two languages. We also integrated an interactive map of the brand's representatives using the Google Maps API – it will always tell where the nearest brand store is located.


The Temple is a whole social network, where users can exchange both personal and public messages, events, photos, and videos. You can always find all the information about a user in their profile and ask HER out on a date or treat HIM to a couple of beers.

Online store, Commynity, Landing page
David Shevchenko / Borodist /
"About the review - what is the criticality of the review? I don’t have time for this now. I'm happy with everything, everything is cool. I don’t know what else to write - I never wrote any reviews or characteristics to anyone."
David Shevchenko / Borodist /
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