A project with an original and non-standard design, divided into two large parts - an online store with its own unique technical features and a Temple - a community of bearded men with its own ecosystem.

The online store has implemented a system for accounting for balances and selecting a delivery method — the user is interactively provided with information with the optimal price and delivery time, depending on
country and region, a choice of three currencies and two languages. An interactive map of brand representatives has also been created using the Google Maps API, which will always tell you where the nearest store with brand products is located.

The temple is a whole social network. Users communicate there — exchange of both personal and public messages, events, photo and video content. You can always find all the information you need in your user profile.
You can invite her on a date, or him for a beer.

Online store, Community, Landing
Давид Шевченко / Borodist /
"Насчёт отзыва - в чём критичность отзыва? У меня сейчас нет на это времени. Всем доволен, всё круто. Что ещё расписывать - не знаю, никогда не писал ни на кого отзывы и характеристики."
Давид Шевченко / Borodist /
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